Products for garden and home

Chunky rustic oak cottage gate £450

I work in a number of local woodlands to source most of the timber I use to make my products. I harvest the timber sustainably following centuries old management practices that benefit the wildlife within the woodlands.

I favour british hardwoods and work the timber using traditional techniques and tools such as cleaving with a froe and brake and whittling wood using shave horse and drawknife. I find this highlights the natural shape of the wood and keeps its inherent strength.

Products I offer include cleft wood gates, stools, benches, gate hurdles and towel rails.

Cleft oak gate, 5' x 3' £280
The same gate with added pales, £300
Barl gate.JPG
Cleft oak curved top gate from £350
Cleft chestnut gate from £175
Cleft oak rustic bench £800
Oak panel gate £350
Flower sculpture bee hotel £45
Oak coat peg boards from £25
Dragonfly sculpture from £40
Small oak/ash stool £45